Behind the Deus Ex Machina brand is a team of surfing enthusiasts who were confronted with a very special problem in the 1970s. How do you transport your surfboard to the beach on a motorbike? Without further ado, the group invented a motorbike mount for surfboards that solved this problem. In the following years, the young company produced handmade custom bikes for the surfing clientele. This was followed by the first own fashion collections, which were to reconcile the balancing act between the casual lifestyle on the beaches of Australia and the wild roughness of biking. The worldwide success of the brand shows: Mission accomplished. Deus Ex Machina fashion is bursting with unbridled joie de vivre and provides you with super-casual styles that show off your individuality to its best advantage. And all this with maximum suitability for everyday wear.
Part of the Deus Ex Machina Classics Collection.
A 150gsm cotton jersey tee in our signature Rocker Fit, screen-printed with original Deus artwork.
Designed and tested at the Deus House of Simple Pleasures, Camperdown, Sydney.
49,00 €
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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